Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I can still remember that my parents were guiding me at times; I never felt irritation even if they say same advice more than 2 or three times. But now the children whatever the age easily getting irritated with their parents, relatives, teachers or friends. Those who advise young children felt that the advice is necessary for certain things, does it appropriate to younger one's. If the mistakes were not corrected by someone how they come to know which will give wrong answers or create an unnecessary problems. Youngsters thought that they want to know what will happen if they do so. As we experienced certain things in life, we know the results, so to avoid the young ones do not suffer, it becomes his duty to teach. Else if the parent or teachers keep quiet and just watch what is going to happen when the children behave out of control. Consequences may be worst. What makes them to think or decide wrong for certain dealings in their own life which ruins one's own life. It's a pathetic situation of parents dealing with young children these days. Most of the parents were put into the circumstances that they do not know what they should do.Christianbelievers keep praying for their children whether the prayers going to change the situation or not at least parents get relaxed about what they have done, if there is no other way they could find out. Moral stories in the Bible taught good for everyone, there is a popular story about "The Prodigal Son". The story of a son who was unwilling of advice,or disobidient readers of the story would think that their children also go through the worst situation in life, sometime he/she might realized their mistakes and come back to them with changing his mind. If young children come back with their good attitude is the expectation of parents. But in reality the stories are always not as we read and think. It would be beyond our imagine, worse than we saw either.

We are surrounded by the evil, 99% of evilism occupies the world, children and the youngsters are expected to capture by the snares of evil. Capturing the young child's mind and health is his one of the target. So that disobeying children, various defective health complicated children are under the evil's control. Surprised to know in young children and adult are suffering different types of leukemia, type-I diabetes, mental retardation and so on. How the melancholic can be prevailed, what are the root cost, the question would need to be answered. Everybody's life needs a purpose, if everyone was created for a purpose it has to be fulfilled. The situation becomes worsen is the alarm indicates that "it's critical, needs our complete attention". Comprehension is added ability to require overcoming the circumstances. As the Bible said King Solomon was asked by the God of his requirements, his requisition was pure perception of wisdom and knowledge. Love and Wisdom are Godly things which are available for everyone who seeks His presence. Only attainments promote solution in our gloomy miseries, Counselling for a new source of knowledge would be given to us. No point in being immersed in sorrow, we have to seek HIM to understand the purpose. HE will reveal what to do, accordingly we have to change our life.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


   Mumbai journalist rape news again creates threat freedom of the woman in India. According to news rapists two were arrested, the question is what kind of judgement court is going to give. One out of the four pillars of Democracy is Legislature; if one who take the pledge before the convocation of Law with a conscience and conscientious should not take the accused rapists as their client. Then as a citizen of India we will wait for judgement. If the court does not take this situation of highest importance victims and rapists ratio will rise its significant deterioration in the country. Woman of India's development will considerably reduce.

   Some of the political party's of India throughout the country are making benefit of even a worse agony of the public. I do not understand one thing that these politicians are not yet seasoned, or they never think before they speak?. These kind of statements shows that what kind of politics they stand on. A miserable incident has happened, in that context what needs to be spoken, not even knowing that. Such a leader comes to power what will happen to public; horrible to think. 

   As a woman I will say after gang rape case of Nirbya at Delhi the judgement was declared in favor of rapists is a warning to every woman in this country. A woman must not go alone to unknown places or with persons. The woman has blessed with warning sense, given for utilizing it in the appropriate places to avoid. Bravery is necessary for a woman, but it depends on the circumstances. Most of the rapists are drunkards and layman does not even aware of the law or the advancement of woman. In that case the one who has to be careful is woman and children.

   How long Indian woman has to wait for the safety, rapists are not only in India around the world this kind of tragedy going on. We hope for the Best. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013


                  22 ‎August ‎2013

LOVE; its existence is limited, those TRUE LOVE stories may not be popular. Assurance exchanged by the couple who married newly who will say that both of them in love. A few years later each one of them finds difficult to prolong the relationship. No one wants to compromise even a few things to pursue. There the question arise "How can I compromise?, How can I tolerate?, That is not my problem; How long I can keep silent" and so on. Has the love disappeared? If Love has been given priority in life hesitation will be at zero level. I have experienced The True Love in my life. I can proudly say that AM THE RICHEST. One who has everything except love are considered to be poor among the poor.

The first love in my life was from my mother which was enormous throughout my life. She compromised all her happiness for my sake. It was a very emotional long story, which I remember at every moment of my life. In fact, I would say day by day my love on her increases. Every day without her thought I never go to bed. Such a great woman she was. When she was counting her last days I asked her "Amma [mom] how I am going to live without you?; with whom can I talk so closely?" she said to me with tears and pains "Don't worry God will guide you more than myself". How wonderful days I had spent with all my life with her, Really am fortunate. 

    As she said after her God has become my friend; He is showering His wonderful mercy, abundant love for me keeping myself pampered. His guidance has no words to express. God knows being a poor and only child to my parents needed a lovable and caring parent. From my childhood till my marriage food, cloth and shelter were luxurious things. That was a tremendous story. My only dream was to become graduated, for the education I have struggled a lot to reach at my Bachelors. After marriage completed my Masters, the one who was feeling happier in her life to see me as an educated happily married woman was my AMMA [mom]. 

My father was a man of multi-talents, wise, my philosopher and guide. He prophesied many things in and around my life. He loved God with his whole hearted, most of his life time spent for prayers, and that was his only treasure. Sometimes I asked him that "your lip moves, is that you are talking to yourself?", He replied me politely, conversation with God.Those days my knowledge of prayers was less than the current level. As I know only before every meal and before bed at night. So his reply confused me and I was not able to understand. Later, God educated me at times when I seek Him. 

So my previous love for my mom and dad was first phase, second and the everlasting now am in LOVE with God, He bounds with his enduring mercy and love for me. As my mother said to me God is my Love, He is my guidance. Am not only thankful but also grateful to Him. Today is my mother's 12th anniversary, remembrance of her great soul writing this short tribute message. "Amma [Mom], we will meet again; I Love You". ‎22 ‎August ‎2013


someone says marriages are made in heaven, if so divorce are at Hell. Men and woman turns to the age of getting into a relationship; depend on their situation rather than love. In the case if the relationship continued on understanding of each other ends with sexual emotions. Very few of them succeeded to live together till the death. Human nature based on emotional at times rather than love. Human being overtaken by the emotions, which turns relationships into pathetic evaluations. Even if one whose mind says to stay on attitudes which is really perfect, but never allows him to do so. How to control emotions or attitude of one, is the question which is unanswered till he allows himself to reconsider or counsel to an appropriate person. 

Ego is the other mental form to behave like an odd person in society even if they do not want. Love also a kind of emotion for which a human body creates sexual Harmon, stimulates the mind to tempt on woman or man. At the young age all these harmonic functions are greater for reproduction. The natural process of the human body must not be controlled or misused. Sex education is one of the important to the educational system for young children must know the facts of the body. If they are informed at an adolescent age they might not be misguided by the resources which are available on the Internet or from their friend's. Sources must be available for them at School Library, College and Universities. At the adolescent age attraction of girls and boys will be much more than any other age, if a girl or a boy smiles at each other few times they come to the conclusions that both are in love; even grown up men think the same way, in the second case conclusions are more vulgar than the youngsters. Each and every sign of a woman are not mean to be in need of sex; DNA of men designed for eager on sex and its appeal. 

The brain Claims them to think it over and over. And its very normal function which is seductive and unable to control over it. Whereas in the case of the woman or a girl its under control. She could control her own sexuality or love making thoughts. Control over the body and mind is a limitless gift for a woman by the nature. Love which is the only word used by the young boys and girls to determine their own sexual stimulation at various levels at various moments. Why the success of marriage or love failure is an increasing factor in our society because misguidance at one point. 

Olden days the pattern of the marriage in India or in western countries were valued: and the life was stable; people believed that marriage is the divined. And also control over the sexual thoughts are confidential; no one talks about it. Most of the people does not aware of what it is really. We can say that they are innocent than the younger generation. Science has not revealed its entire sources like modern days. Adolescent boys and girls could not see each other at anymore. The real love stories were created by the great authors like Shakespeare in western countries and Anarkali in Bollywood, Devadoss, Ambigapathy at South India. In most of the movies the content not only entertain youngsters also behave worse at women and girls. They are wanting to experiment that what they had seen at the Cinema. Unwanted stuffs triggering the growing children for bad ideas. Parents must be aware of what the child is doing or watching, what kind of talk going on with their friends, else parents or children become victim of the hoax.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


At the age of six, when I was joined at School I find it was difficult to sit at a place with unknown mates, someone (teacher) was forcing me to write on the slate which she had been writing on the blackboard. Waiting for the lunch breaks I felt a bit relieved from the situation but still even if I was not hungry should eat lunch. Till 4 o’clock it was like hell to pass the time to go back to home. At once I reach home my mother embrace me as she also finds difficult to pass the whole day without my presence. If she has been too strict obviously I would not find the School and the circumstances hated. My parents never allowed me to take leave for simple reasons, except sickness. To face the Teachers and the classmates were very difficult till I completed my School final, I understood that it will be. In those days to complete the School was to pass 11 years, I have learnt many from that duration, not only through studies but also by the environment. All those days could not be erased from memories of everybody, and it is basement of entire life that what we are going to be. School is the first place where we see the world apart from our parents. Each day brings a new lesson which teaches entirely different dimension of life. In which we will find at each completely different matter. Of these unintentionally we were propensity to habits, which might be good or bad.

Here unknowingly an 'inner man' created to every human being, which start to play his role silently. Most of the times he talks with us regarding our present and past matters, which we cannot explicit to anyone. A few would rely upon their school mates whom they think worthy to discuss. Though they discuss with his mate the inner man would always suggest his opinion silently. Sometimes we ignore the 'inner man' to decide or ignore on our own, accept on someone’s advice, if it ends up with good results, we depend the same way on which gives success. The Inner Man who is not certainly talks good, but also suggest to very worst. The inner man induces us to various types of actions in different situations. He becomes dominant than our own, needlessly interfere us. Over time, we ourselves finds it difficult to overcome his domination. It's become a bigger struggle. At times due to misunderstandings can be faced worst consequences. Here we are using our knowledge which were gained from religious, parents, friends, books and relatives. Which derives us from the dilemma to choose the right and the bad. Again the choice comes to our own hand.

Some people would say ‘knowingly’ I did, some people say ‘ I do not want to do but I was induced to do it’. ‘Knowingly’ meant that he knew the result if he do it, in the second statement used the word ‘induced’ gives meaning either he has been chosen by the inner man’s domination or by his parents, friends or the surroundings. Our choice to guided for life has been most important from our School days. And we should know to lead ourselves on the right track, to balance the situations could find no more crisis, perquisite. The man’s mind is like a horse, the trained horses needs Bridle. To ride on a horse without bridle as risky as to kill us. Train the mind, bridle it to avoid risks is in our hand.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Stories were told to suppress or control our desires of the mind, any story we read in ancient epics which communicates moral values of life. Which is giving importance to follow in real life. Which conducts us from the  Adventurous sin. Recently I saw a show in a television channel, the concept of that show is really worth, the concept for the poor people: to raise their revenue, establish a small business or the things which could not be afforded according to their desire were given through the show on one condition that only if they could answer to few very easy general knowledge questions. It is a very interesting and sensible method I thought.

As I became a follower of a particular program if time permits me, one day I saw a very young couple they have a small baby, her desire to purchase a brand new refrigerator and an automatic washing machine, as she is living in a very small hut, not even two people cannot stay at a time, it seems there was no electricity, there is no place to keep the refrigerator and an automated washing machine. They might sell it for someone to make money or they might use it for their own. Here I saw the excessive desire of things or for money. When they fail to answer a very simple question, she becomes anguish, her husband consoling her, but she was unable to bear the disappointment, if she keeps on nagging, nuisance to her husband, he has to choose the illegal ways to obtain money to meet the requirements. This is what happens in most of the families, majority people’s mentality now-a-days to achieve things which is impossible for them. The basic reason among even young people are bounteous desires of luxurious life. They are ready for any sort of illegal activity to get it.

In south India there is a Sage, his  main  teaching to his students and to his devotees  “DESIRE ON EVERYTHING”, he explains it as his  own “annotation”. As long as the one who following his teachings were fair and honest there would be no more Cons. Everyone’s intentions are not always as good as we expect or think. Particularly, these days are less  people with good intentions are found. For example, if someone can be reach out other’s belongings could be motivated on the basis of the Sadhu's teachings "desire on everything”. I have heard that the desires of  heart lead to  self-destruction, I have seen many kinds of 'distractions' also. Unethical or improperly added properties never give peace of mind. To  achieve things according to the mind's desires, what are the mistakes were helped to accommodate the position will never leave from the memories, those scenes appear again and again to disturb present life, somewhat to relieve from those memories, drinking liquors or some kind of drug addiction required situation become inevitable, forced to that situation. If “At any cost I will achieve” was ensured action to achieve,“The Cost” which had been paid is PEACE OF MIND. Which cannot  be purchased even if ready to give back whatever the “achievements” that have added. Once lost is lost.

I never agree effortlessness, without effort nothing can be achieved, at the same time, we should know which is smarter and reasonable of choosing ‘The Way of Life', everyone has the rights to choose their own life; but before the start have to keep a few principles in mind is necessary, “Determination should not be Allowed to Dissolve our Principles”, “Determinations should be based on Justice, Honesty, Reasonable” this is the World Requires more than Scientists or Scholars or advanced technology etc.,

Monday, January 28, 2013


When Human start to live as a small group in the cave, the men go to hunt animals for food, those who are able to kill animal bravely who was chosen by the woman to live together. The woman was also as brave as men to fight against if some of the group members or animal attacks her. In the early days as women were treated by the group where she born as a commoner, a tool to solve their lust. If a man from other groups violates women as there was no security for them to protect; because men go to hunt. In this situation women suffered a lot to live, and they were killed and died, count of women became lesser day by day, few women were left in a group to give birth, new members for groups shortage, it became their prime issue. They were put into a situation to take a right decision on this issue.

Men and women were given the choice to choose their partner on the basis of individual performances of men, one who is brave to attack a vigorous animal or a coarse man from another group. In due course contests begins as Bull Fight to win, martial art fights, such competitions were started to show the manliness and brave. So the woman who was coming forward to choose them to live together. Even though the members of the groups were very lesser because the woman of the groups were less. Here again the Burden of woman was increased, men start to share the women, they started fighting for the rights of woman the one who belongs to whom, So to confirm that the woman belongs to a man were tied by tiger teeth or any animal bones, nails on their neckhand, on the forehead the animal was hunted by the brave man. The one who hunts and killed the animal symbolically wore on the woman none other can be claim that woman. The basic reason of the marriage begins at this stage. 

The civilization of humans has a very long and ancient history. Today we are in 21St Century, scientific and technological developments are enormous, its achievements are wonderful. But still we are facing problems to secure women from brutality and barbarian attacks as we seen in the ancient days. It shows that society as a whole are not equally developed as much as science and technology.

In this situation, Delhi gang rape case results in the a boy who involved said to be under age so only 3 months rehabilitation is insufficient, makes us to grief on that issue. According to the News, the boy who attacked the girl most cruel among the accusers in that case, after three months at special whom would change his attitude, if he comes back what would be the guarantee that he will not be more horrible criminal than before. Not only that, young adults can take it as a chance to motivate or encouraged to unlawfulness. Why not Government sets new amendment on Juvenile Law, increasing such crimes against women ban women's progress, to move outside creates horror, unsecured and panic situation, could cause 'not trust anyone' environment. If there is no security for the woman, how the society is called as a developed society. What is called Developed Nation? Or Development of the Country.